How to pay for Tinokunda services

    Tinokunda offers 3 convenient and flexible options to pay for its services.

    Easypay in store
    Easypay online

    Debit order

    Easypay in store( In South Africa)

    Payment can also be made in the following stores Shoprite, PEP, Boxer, PnP, or Usave . If you are paying for Medication use the following easypay number 9221 8000 000 008 4570 and if you are paying for Funeral cover use easypay number which was provided upon registration. Whatsapp  086 999 0676 to get your easypay number.

    Easypay online (Anywhere in the world)

    Step 1: Download Masterpass Absa application from playstore or download it from here.

    Step 2: Register using your mobile number.

    Step 3: Register your debit card on the app. Masterpass will ask you to put in your security code every time you wish to make a payment.

    Step 4: Click Pay Bills and then select Easypay bills.

    Step 5: Use the following easypay number to make payments for medication 9221 8000 000 008 4570.

    Step 6: Authenticate by putting in your security code.

    Step 7: A receipt will be provided to you.

    Payment using EFT

    Use the following account details to pay Medication 

    Bank: FNB

    Acc Name: Medichem Pharmacy

    AccNo : 62801446130

    Branch Code: 250655

    Use the following account details to pay Funeral Cover

    Bank: FNB

    Acc Name: iEnsure Brokers 

    AccNo : 62613918608

    Branch Code: 261550

    Forward proof of payment to admin@iensure.co.za.You will receive a notification upon receiving your payment.

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